Hjem 10% Discount

Hjem 10% Discount

Hjem Cafe


Hjem — meaning ‘home’ in Norwegian is a Nordic cafe in Sheung Wan. The cafe serves everything the Nordic cuisine has to offer, and is specially curated by Scandinavian chef, Jaakko Sorsa. The concept emerged from Co-Founder Elin Fu’s reminiscence of her life in the small southeastern town of Hamar in Norway after being away for many years. Now based in Hong Kong, rather than longing to go back, Elin reconciles her frequent cravings of rye bread with herring and dill right in the heart of the city on Hollywood Road. 

As a space of respite and calm, Hjem aims to be the go-to for an authentic Nordic experience. Through good, nutritious food and irresistible coffee, Elin intends to share with the world the culture and cuisine that she grew up with and knows as comfort, and hopes that wherever you’re from, you too will find a piece of home at Hjem. 

NorCham members are eligible for a 10% discount at the cafe. To claim this offer, show your membership card through the GlueUp app or website. Not sure how? Find our tutorial here.

Reach out to us at chamber@norchamhk.com if you have any further questions or concerns.