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Gard (HK) Ltd


Gard is a shipowner-controlled provider of P&I, marine and energy insurance products.Founded in Arendal in Norway, it is one of the largest marine insurers in the world, and is able to offer shipowners and operators, shipyards, contractors and oil companies a breadth and choice of products not available anywhere else in one place. The group employs over 480 staff across 13 offices worldwide.
Our Hong Kong office was established in1997, and its activities focus on Members and assureds in the Greater China region and Korea. It delivers underwriting services and handles claims and incidents involving damage to cargo, injuries to and loss of life of seamen and passengers, oil pollution, groundings and collisions arising in the region. The staff includes qualified solicitors and lawyers, claims handlers with expertise in all areas of marine problems including average adjusting and staff delivering underwriting services.

For over 100 years, we have focussed on providing the maritime industries with insurance products that offer financial protection and practical assistance when disaster strikes.Assuranceforeningen Gard was founded in 1907 and, while the group retains its Norwegian identity, it has become a global P&I club and since 2004 has offered hull and machinery and loss of hire insurance. Today Gard has 33% of the Nordic marine hull market and 17% market share among the International Group of P&I Clubs.
As the global economic and legislative environment has shifted, so Members and clients have always relied on Gard’s first class financial security to protect them against the risks that concern them, and to compensate them promptly for their losses. We now have an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, one of the highest security ratings in the marine market so, when an extreme loss occurs, our Members and clients know we have resources required to stand firmly behind them.
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